Zero code instrumentation

Install in no time

All-in-one Cloud Monitoring

Monitor everything you run in your cloud without compromising on cost, granularity, or scale.

Cloud-native Log Management

Stream, store and query your logs at any scale, for a fixed cost.

Application Performance Monitoring (APM)

Gain end-to-end observability into your applications performance, identify and resolve issues instantly - all with zero code changes.

Infrastructure Monitoring

Get complete visibility into your cloud infrastructure performance at any scale, easily access all your metrics in one place and optimize infrastructure efficiency.

Stream data processing

The groundcover platform is built to ingest huge amounts of data in real time.

Our data ingestion pipeline dramatically reduces the volumes 
of raw observability being stored, reducing all around costs.

It is based on a distributed stream processing engine that runs at 
the edge, smartly capturing raw data (like logs, traces and events) while creating complex insights (like metrics and context) inside each node where the data lies, without trucking it outside your cluster.

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Ingest all data, all the time
No data sampling
Unlimited cardinality and data depth

Cloud integrations

The groundcover platform was built to be an
all-in-one observability solution for cloud-native environments. It was built to ingest any data source 
directly into groundcover's in-cloud backend using any protocol supported by OpenTelemetry or Prometheus.

It supports any log stream from sources like Fluentd, Fluentbit, Logstash, or CloudWatch logs. Metrics can be 
ingested via Prometheus remote-write or directly from agents 
like StatsD and Telegraf. Traces can be ingested from any 
application instrumented with OpenTelemetry or Datadog’s SDK.


Ingest your data from Amazon CloudWatch



Integrate with any OpenTelemetry 



Out-of-the-box integration with Grafana



Collect cloud metrics and logs from serverless workloads


Custom Metrics

Scrape your Prometheus 
custom metrics


eBPF Sensor

Kubernetes eBPF Sensor

All your K8s logs, metrics and traces with zero code changes


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