Level up your K8s observability game with eBPF

Instantly pinpoint bleeding issues in production and troubleshoot quickly. All with zero code changes.

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sh -c "$(curl -fsSL https://groundcover.com/install.sh)"
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Monitor 100% of your stack with no instrumentation

Cover every application instantly. View logs, metrics, traces and events using one command line and no code changes.

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Access hard-to-see areas where problems lurk

Start monitoring legacy code, native languages and 3rd party components immediately. No more blind spots!

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lifeline - groundcover observability for K8s

Get the lifeline you need when trouble hits

Pinpoint hidden issues in less than 5 minutes during times of crisis, without having to plan ahead.

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Here’s the basics

The hardest part in solving a problem is knowing where to start. groundcover equips your team with the insights they need to troubleshoot better and faster.

Get started on any environment

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You’ll need

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(anything since 2018)
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(anything since 2017)
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Connect to your Grafana or Jaeger

groundcover acts as a Prometheus and Jaeger compatible data-source. Explore out-of-the-box metrics and spans with your favorite visualization tools.

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Get insights into Slack

Push and manage alerts, and proactively monitor your production from within Slack where your team is always at reach.

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