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sh -c "$(curl -fsSL"

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//zero code changes

Tap into all application logs, metrics, traces and Kubernetes events. One magical command, zero instrumentation; install in no time.

//eliminate blind spots

Monitor 100% of your stack with mind-blowing granularity. We're talking - every application, legacy code, side car or 3rd party component. If you have it, we cover it.


We’ve got your back from infrastructure to application. Troubleshoot with the right K8s context and solve s*it, unimaginably fast.

//no trade offs

Let’s face it, 99% of the data flowing in production won’t help you when trouble hits.

Sit back and let our edge-compute logics smartly capture incidents so you can see it all, store what matters, and pay accordingly.

Not what you had in mind

groundcover redefines the way a modern APM operates and behaves.

#Out-of-band daemonset deployment

Means zero overhead and transparent resource consumption


Means private and secured with no data leaving your cluster

#Fully distributed collection engines

Means metrics, traces and logs at infinite granularity and scale

#Open source compatible data sources

Means you can boost your current monitoring stack

Observability, redefined.

What’s in store

Get started on any environment



Elastic Kubernetes Service



Kubernetes Service



Kubernetes Engine




You’ll need


(anything since 2018)


(anything since 2017)



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We’re a Prometheus compatible data-source which means out-of-the-box metrics and spans with your favorite visualization tool.

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Get insights into Slack

Don’t ping us, we’ll ping you.  Proactively monitor your production by pushing and managing alerts from within Slack where your team is always at reach.

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It’s time to shed light on your production. We’ve got you.

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