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Cloud Native Observability for AWS  

groundcover is a cloud observability solution that reinvents the domain with eBPF. Built for modern production environments, our platform enables AWS customers to instantly monitor everything they build and run in the cloud without compromising on cost, granularity, or scale.

Improve your EKS Observability with groundcover

groundcover is a truly cloud-native APM, that brings a new modern approach into cloud observability for users of AWS. By leveraging the revolutionary technology eBPF, groundcover covers an entire EKS Kubernetes stack instantly with no code changes. This means immediate, 100% visibility, all the time.

groundcover is the first APM solution of its kind. Our well-distributed and economic architecture allows us to break the customary volume-based pricing model, offering a solution at a fraction of the cost of other solutions.

groundcover’s unique inCloud architecture keeps your data private, secured and under your control without ever leaving your cluster. Our distributed eBPF sensors reduce the amount of raw observability data being collected without data being trucked outside of the cloud environment and stored. By implementing a smart capturing mechanism, groundcover captures the 1% you care about - making it easier to troubleshoot at the speed of your scale.

groundcover was born into the cloud-native era. It helps teams troubleshoot with the right Kubernetes context and mind-blowing data granularity, by automatically detecting issues across the entire Kubernetes stack.

Better together: an AWS-native solution

groundcover was built for teams harnessing AWS cloud native solutions like EKS

  • Compatible with any Kubernetes flavor from version v1.21 (including AWS’s Managed Kubernetes Service - EKS)

  • Native support for any Linux OS distribution on top of AWS (starting from Linux Kernel version v5.3.)

  • Native integration with CloudWatch metrics and logs

  • Fully compatible with AWS ARM-based Graviton and X86-based EC2 instances

Benefits of using groundcover on AWS

100% visibility,
all the time

Cover your entire Kubernetes stack instantly with no code changes using the superpowers of eBPF instrumentation. Constantly cover everything you build and run in Kubernetes. Code changes constantly, but your coverage shouldn’t. 

like a pro

Get your priorities straight with auto-detected issues across your entire cluster. Get K8s context and mind-blowing data granularity. Solve infrastructure and application problems, unimaginably fast.

Reduce costs,

Control your budget and avoid unexpected spikes in cost with a flat, predictable price. No more tough trade-offs about which parts of your production to observe. With transparent per-Node pricing you can cover it all, for a fraction of the cost.

One place for all
your monitoring

Tap into all application logs, metrics, traces and Kubernetes events. Get a full K8s-native observability from infrastructure to application, with one solution.

Cloud-Native Observability, redefined.

Start Monitoring,